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Oil palm ( Elaeis ) is an important industrial plants producing cooking oil, industrial oil, and fuel ( biodiesel ). plantations generate huge profits, so many old plantation forest and converted into oil palm plantations. Indonesia is the largest palm oil producer in the world. In Indonesia the spread in the region of Aceh , the east coast of Sumatra , Java, and Sulawesi.

Descriptions of the botanical

African Oil Palm ( Elaeis guineensis )
Shaped palm tree . Height can reach 24 meters. The root fibers of oil palm plantations leads to the bottom and sides. In addition, there is some breathing roots that grow above leads to the side to earn extra aeration.
Like other palm species, compound pinnate leaves arranged. Leaves dark green and colored midrib slightly younger. Its appearance is somewhat similar to the plant bark , only with thorns are not too hard and sharp. Trunk covered with ex-stem of the plant until the age of 12 years. After 12 years of dry sheath are released so that the appearance becomes similar to coconut .
Flowers male and female separate but located on a single tree ( monoecious diclin ) and has a maturation time is different so extremely rare self-pollinating. Male flower has a taper shape and length while the female flowers appear larger and bloom.

Plantations of pisifera is shell type female sterile so it is rarely produce fruit bunches and in the production of improved seed is used as an elder male.
Palm fruit has the color varies from black, purple, to red depending on the seeds used. Fruit clustered in bunches that emerge from each sheath. Oil is produced by the fruit. Increased oil content according to fruit maturity. After passing the mature phase, the content of free fatty acid (FFA, free fatty acids ) will increase and the fruit will fall off by itself.
The fruit consists of three layers:
Eksoskarp, the reddish rind and slippery.
Mesoskarp, fruit fibers
Endoskarp, protective shell nuclei
Palm kernel (kernel, Actually his is the seed ) is the endosperm and embryo with high-quality core oil content.
Oil palm breeding generative manner. Ripe palm fruits in certain circumstances the embryo will germinate produce shoots (plumula) and would root (radicle).

Terms of living

Type of oil palm

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