Type of oil palm

Type of oil palm

Oil palm is cultivated consist of two types: E. guineensis and E. oleifera . The first type is the largest cultivated people. of two palm species have their respective advantages. E. guineensis has a very high production and E. oleifera has a low plant height. many people are crossing the two species is to obtain a high species production and easy harvesting. E. oleifera is also now beginning to be cultivated to increase the diversity of genetic resources.
Breeders often look at the type of palm oil based on the thickness of the shell , which consists of

  • Dura
  • Pisifera , and
  • Tenera .

Dura is a palm whose fruits have a shell thickness is considered shortening the life of the engine so that processing but usually large bunches of fruit and oil content per tandannya around 18%. Pisifera fruit does not have a shell, so it does not have the core (kernel) that produce oil economically sterile and female flowers so very rarely produce fruit. Tenera is a cross between the Dura and male parent Pisifera. This species is considered to complement the shortage of seeds for each parent with the nature of the fruit shell remains thin but fertile female flowers. Some tenera winning percentage of flesh per fruit at 90% and oil content per tandannya can reach 28%.
For bulk seeding, a technique now used tissue culture .

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