Results of Palm Plant

Results of Palm Plant

Palm oil is used as feedstock edible oil , margarine , soaps , cosmetics , industrial steel , wire , radio , leather and industrial pharmacy . Palm oil can be used for such diverse nature of its designation because it has advantages of high-pressure oxidation resistant, able to dissolve the chemicals that are not soluble by other solvents, have high power layering and does not cause irritation to the body in the field of cosmetics.

The most popular for cultivation of palm oil is a fruit. Parts of the fruit flesh oil producing crude palm oil which is processed into raw material of cooking oil and various types of derivatives. Excess oil is vegetable oil from the low price, low cholesterol , and contains carotene high. Palm oil is also processed into raw materials of margarine .
Oil feedstock oil core into alcohol and industrial cosmetics . Bunches of flowers and fruit, much branched. Fruits are small, dark red when ripe. Solid flesh. Meat and fruit skin contain oil. Its oil is used as cooking oil , soap , and candles . The waste used to feed livestock. So-called dregs of palm kernel meal is used as one ingredient manufacture chicken feed. Its shell is used as fuel and charcoal .
The fruit is processed by making the soft flesh of the fruit with a temperature of 90 ° C. Meat that has been softened forced to part with the core and shell by pressing the hollow cylinder engine. Meat core and shell are separated by heating and pressing techniques. After that flowed into the mud so that the remaining shells will drop into the bottom mud.
The rest of the palm fruit is very potential to be a mixture of food animals and fermented into compost .

Terms of living Palm Plant

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